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Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 02:02 am

Okay, everyone. You don't really have to join this community unless you want to. The main purpose of even having having it in the first place is for me to post logs and stuff. So yeah... it would be nice of you to join if you already have a livejournal but there's no need to make one if you don't.

Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004 02:35 am (UTC)


You guys BETTER IM me and pester me to play sometime. Otherwise nothing will get done ever. Nothing, I say!


I'm cool.

Sun, Aug. 29th, 2004 01:10 pm (UTC)

I can make a Mark journal if need be and I so pester you for RP because I'm a good chicna

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 09:49 pm (UTC)

I just came across this by accident. It's funny my friend has another account called angsty_fender.

Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005 05:58 am (UTC)

I haven't played in this community for ages. And I know that Chris has angstyfender because I helped her come up with it.

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 09:50 pm (UTC)

I have a Mimi journal called addicted_2life for another Rent RP, but if you need a Mimi I'm here.

Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005 05:59 am (UTC)

We have a Mimi, but this RPG was kind of disbanded.